Breeding Center

We try to give to all species we keep the best enclosures and a great space for they can developed in the best conditions and breed regulary. All our enclosures are big and the most natural possible trying imitate the most similar to the animals find in the wild.

No important for us if is a rare specie or a comoon and cheap in the market. For us we keep in the best conditions with natural light, and natural soil, stones, branches and plants

  • Ptenopus garrulus
  • Homopus signatus
  • Stenodactylus sthenodactylus
  • Prynocephalus arabicus
  • Varanus gouldii ssp. flavirufus
  • Trapelus spec.
  • Chalcides ocellatus
  • Liolaemus kolengh
  • Pogona vitticeps
  • Prynocephalus guttatus
  • Liolaemus nigroviridis
  • Nephrurus levis
  • Xenagama taylori
  • Trapelus spec
  • Petrosaurus thalassinus
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