We are a company specializing in reptiles and succulents plants from around the world, located in Spain, in an area where we have large thermal differences between day and night throughout the year. This helps us to keep reptiles outside, that we breed and that are carefully selected for our climatic conditions. Likewise, our nursery offers excellent conditions for grow our plants with an appearance and color similar to those on their natural environment. Our animals have more than 300 days of direct sun during the year and we feed them with vegetables, insects and rodents that we produce ourselves. In the same way our plants are not forced to grow with any chemical product, being safe to use in terrarium and zoo facilities for animals.

We ship directly from Spain non CITES animals. For animals included in CITES we work with some brokers in Europe can arranged all documents for your export but we aren't responsable for delay in CITES permits or animals dead during all process.

In the galleries you will find some samples of our favorities groups of animals that we keep and breed in our facilities

You can contact us in Spanish, English or Russian.

* All photographs have been taken by us in our facilities or in their natural environment.

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